Buyer's Guide for Locking Mailboxes

Mail theft and identity theft go hand-in-hand and rises in both are staggering. When one thinks how easily mail can be taken from your unlocked mailbox, it is only basic common sense that you should do something to protect yourself. Buying a secure locking mailbox is a simple and proactive way to ensure your mail and identity can not be stolen from your mailbox. Whether you need a residential locking mailbox or live in the country and need a locking rural mailbox, this guide will help answer the questions you might have. We will also cover Wall Mounted Mailboxes , Column Locking Mailboxes, Wall Safes, Lock Boxes, and Locking Cluster Mailboxes . Use this guide to help buy a lockable mailbox and feel free to call or email me if you have any questions. I will personally take your call, and please leave a message if I do not answer. I will return your call ASAP.

Locking Mailbox Basics:

You have already decided a locking mailbox is a logical way to protect your mail and deter identity theft. All that is left is to decide which locking mailbox best suits your needs. Narrow down your selection of locking mailboxes by first determining the type of mailbox you're going to buy and where it will be placed. Remember you get Free Ground shipping in the contiguous 48 United States for orders over $100.

Types of Locking Mailboxes

Mailboxes which lock come in two basic styles: a wall mount secure mailbox which attaches to your house, garage, or gate, and a curbside locking mailboxes which is typically on a post near your curb. Occasionally both the wall mount mailboxes and curbside mailboxes are used for commercial use as a drop box.

Placement of Locking Mailboxes

When buying a locking mailbox you must first decide which type will best work for you. If you already have a mailbox on a post near your curb then it is best to simply replace it with a locking mailbox. The US Postal Service must be contacted if you desire to move your mailbox from its location, in particular from the curb to mounting it on your house. Likewise if you have your mailbox attached to your home, you will need postal approval to make a change to a curbside location.

Curbside Locking Mailboxes

All of our locking mailboxes that sit on a post or column at your curbside are US Post Master Approved. Typically the drop slot or mail slot opening that the postal carrier drops the mail into is not locked. The cavity that the mail drops into is the secure area which you will have a key to. It is large enough for typical mail like envelopes and magazines to be easily dropped inside; however a few models have a hopper door which allows larger items to be dropped in such as mail-order prescriptions, boxes of checks, etc. The mail drops down into a securely locked cavity you have access to with a key or by using a keypad. Check out our Locking Drop Box Buyers Guide. Your postal carrier does not need a key. He or she simply opens the delivery door and drops the mail into the secure cavity. The cavities hold from one week to several months’ worth of mail. In the event you will be traveling, you will want a larger mailbox. The average curbside locking mailbox holds 1 to 2 weeks of mail. Retrieving your mail is as simple as turning a key or typing in your code. The retrieval door is typically in the front of the mailbox, however several mailboxes have an option to have this door in the back of the mailbox. This option is called a rear retrieval doorand you will not have to step into the street or curb to retrieve your mail. Yes, a Curbside Locking Mailbox is the type of mailbox I am looking for. To determine which Curbside Locking Mailbox best suits your needs, consider the type of mail you receive, the quantity of mail you receive, and the cost of the mailbox.

Type of Mail

When deciding which curbside mailbox to go with, first analyze what your average mail type is. For instance, if you only receive envelopes and magazines, you will NOT need a larger delivery door or large hopper door. Our Locking Mailbox with Optional Combination Lock will likely fit your needs or possibly the Locking Mailbox with combination and post. However if you have small to medium packages delivered, you may want to consider one of these models: Locking Curbside Mailbox, or the Locking Mailbox with Hopper Door. These styles of locking mailboxes have a hopper door similar to the drop box at your local post office. When you open the door to drop the mail in, the back of the door closes off so someone cannot reach in to take your mail. Once the door is closed it allows the mail to drop down into the secure locking mail area.

Quantity of Mail

Another factor in choosing a secure mailbox is the amount of mail it will hold. On average our curbside mailboxes will hold 1 to 2 weeks, however several models will hold several months of mail. If you travel for weeks at a time you may want to consider our Locking Mailbox with Hopper Door,which allows delivery of small parcels, holds 2 to 3 weeks of mail, and has upgrade options for higher security. The door and lock upgrade is well worth the additional expense for the peace of mind it can give.

Cost of the Mailbox

Finally, the cost of your mailbox is considered. Our average residential locking mailbox costs $185.00, however when you consider the importance of your mail you may want to spend a little more to help insure the security of your mail and identity. Also consider these mailboxes are made of metal and designed to last for many years. A typical lockable mailbox is made with a higher standard than the average non-locking mailbox. Your investment in a highly secure locking mailbox will last for years and in the long run protect you and your family from having your mail stolen and identity stolen.

Locking Mailbox Posts: In Ground or Surface Mounted

Which post do I need? The in ground post goes in the ground, typically cemented in. It has a plate on only the top where you bolt the lockable mailbox to the post. The end without the plate goes in the ground. If you have dirt/grass where you are going to install the post then you will need the in-ground secure mailbox post. The surface mounted mailbox post has a plate on both the top and bottom. The top plate secures the locking mailbox and the bottom plate is bolted to existing cement slab, or side walk. If you have have a side walk or cement where you want to install your mailbox the surface mounted post will work for you. There is also the option to secure your locking mailbox to an existing 4 x 4 wooden post. Typically all curbside mailboxes have pre-drilled holes in the bottom which allow you to secure you mailbox to the steel post. In order to secure your mailbox to a wooden post you simply need secure a 1 x 6 or 2 x 6 to the top of the wooden post. Then secure the mailbox to the 1 x 6 or 2 x 6. We strongly suggest waiting until your mailbox arrives before purchasing any supplies. 

Wall Mounted Locking Mailboxes

A Wall Mounted Mailbox means you do not have your mailbox near your curb or street. In other words you live in a neighborhood where your postal carrier walks from house to house and drops your mail in a box or drop slot attached to your home. Wall Mount Mailboxes are typically easy to install and can be mounted to any surface including siding, brick, stucco, etc. Most, if not all, are attached with two screws. The back of the mailbox that attaches to the wall of your home has two screw holes in it. Simply locate where you would like to attach the mailbox, use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall, hold the mailbox up, and mark where you need to drill holes. Remove the mailbox, drill your holes, replace the mailbox on the wall, and screw in the screws. You may want to consider using large washers to help distribute the area that the screw holds on to the wall.

Need a Locking Drop Box? Check out our Locking Drop Box Buyers Guide.

Yes, a Wall Mounted Locking Mailbox is the type of mailbox I am looking for. Selecting a Wall Mounted Locking Mailbox may be based on factors unique to your personality and needs. Consider a few of the features available with specific Wall Mounted Locking Mailboxes available in our store.

Most Popular

Two of our more popular wall mounted mailboxes are the Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox and the Large Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox, which provide high security and mail storage for up to several weeks depending on the amount of mail delivered per day. These two security mailboxes allow the postal carrier to open the drop slot, which closes off the area where the mail is stored. The postal carrier will then place the incoming mail in the drop area and close the door allowing the mail to drop into the secure area.

Attractive Style

The Antique Brass Locking Mailbox With Eternity Design is a more stylish look, however holds less mail and is considered a secure mailbox but not a high security mailbox. The top portion of the locking mailbox allows the postal carrier to drop the mail into the secure area. The mail is retrieved by unlocking the door and pulling out your mail. The postal carrier does not have a key. He or she will drop the mail into the incoming slot where it is kept secure until you unlock the door to retrieve your mail.

Business Use

Our Black Locking Wall Mailbox works well for the home, but is most often used in an office environment and many times for medical offices. It comes in five color choices. This mailbox easily accepts file size papers and medical records and can attach in both interior and exterior locations. All of the mailboxes come in multiple color choices including black, white, tan, gray, and white.

Artistic Touch

If you desire a personal touch our Chickadee and Norwegian Pine Wall Mount Locking Mailbox is hand made and each a little different than the others. These locking wall mailboxes have a copper stamped design and no two are alike. The mail storage cavity will hold several days or up to a week of mail in a locked steel compartment. These are smaller wall mounted mailboxes, yet will add charm to any home.

Stainless Steel

Finally, the Stainless Steel Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox, which is similar to the Sand Locking Wall Mailbox, is made of stainless steel and gives a stylish look while holding up in areas where stainless steel is needed such as near the ocean or areas that receive excessive rain. However, each of our painted mailboxes are coated with a durable powder coated paint to withstand harsh climates and will look great for years. 

Column Locking Mailboxes

A column mailbox typically means the secure mailbox is encased in brick, stone or stucco giving a more custom look. Most, if not all, of our Curbside Secure Locking Mailboxes can be encased in brick. While typically done by a skilled craftsman or mason, with pre-planning most any homeowner can create a great look to beautify his or her home and keep mail safe. The Locking Mailbox in Column is shown encased in natural rock, providing a natural look. Column Locking Mailbox allows for you to retrieve your mail from the back of the column and has the added option of an address plaque. Contact your local post office for restrictions for column mailboxes before purchasing and they can assist you with what is allowed in your neighborhood. 

Locking Cluster Mailboxes

A cluster mailbox is typically what you would see for an apartment, homeowner associations, or group of condos wanting to share or have a common area to pick up their mail. The mailbox units are also called Cluster Box Units (CBU’s). The units can have as few as 8 individually locked mailboxes or as many as 24 locked boxes. For larger groups of homes typically the numbers CBU’s are spaced throughout the group of homes so each homeowner does not have to walk as far to retrieve his or her mail. The postal carrier will have access to the back door where he or she can open the entire back panel and quickly inset the mail to each individually locked area. Each compartment is assigned to a home and keyed individually. There is also a larger locked area for parcels. The postal carrier can lock a parcel in this area and the key is then put in the individual’s locked area so he or she knows to use the key to retrieve the parcel. A cluster unit mailbox typically comes in numerous color choices and styles, from simple to decorative. The post and a decorative top are the most common upgrades to get a better look. 

Locking Drop Boxes

Not sure which Drop Box you need? Check out our COMPLETE Locking Drop Box Buyers Guide. Locking drop boxes have quickly became a necessity in many medical offices, apartment offices, law enforcement offices, and other similar offices. We offer a full line of drop boxes that allow envelopes to be securely dropped Through the Door or Through the Wall. We have free standing drop boxes as well as drop boxes that attach to a wall. We offer a full line of wall mounted boxes which can be used as cell phone lockers or individual lockers for teacher message boxes or similar function. If you are not able to find the locking drop box for your needs, please contact us directly. We will be happy to answer any questions and direct you to a secure drop box to fit your needs. 


A mail thief wants a quick getaway. Remember mail theft is a felony so when someone is brazen enough to steal your mail they do not want to take a lot of time trying to get into a locking mailbox. Typically a mail thief wants to open an unlocked mailbox door, grab the mail, and walk away. When they see your locking mailbox they are most likely going to move on knowing your neighbor’s mailbox is not locking allowing much easier access to steal their mail. Buying a locking mailbox will be a huge step in securing your mails safe delivery and keeping your identity safe.

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