Made in the USA? Yes, we have Payment Drop boxes and Mailboxes made here in the USA

Posted by Locking Security Mailbox on 30th Jan 2020

With the recent increased tariffs on steel products coming from China the demand for US manufacturing has risen. Yet before this began we have been selling US made mailboxes and drop boxes for many years. While a portion of our inventory does come from overseas our desire to have US made mailboxes has been the backbone or our company. 

For example the 12 Gauge High Security Wall Mounted Mailbox by Castlebox Designs is one of our best sellers. This mailbox works for both payments or US mail and can be secured to a wall or mounted to a post. Why does this matter? When buying items made in the USA you support the men and woman and their families who live in this great country. While it is certainly important to know a global economy is important the laws and rules other countries abide by concerning children work labor laws should be considered.

With the demand for US made steel mailboxes and drop boxes we have recently moved to custom built drop boxes which can be designed for your unique situation. For example a municipality needed a drive up payment dropbox for their water bill payments. We designed and built this Walk or Drive up High Security Payment Dropbox to meet their needs. 

You may want to consider both options when looking for your next mailbox or dropbox but when possible select the item that is Made in the USA.