Outdoor Drop Boxes for Businesses

Posted by Locking Security Mailbox on 22nd Jan 2020

An outdoor dropbox for envelopes and parcels are often times necessary for a business. Mailboxes are specifically designed and regulated by the USPS and by law UPS, Fedex and other package delivery services are not allowed to deposit in a mailbox. 

Outdoor drop boxes provide a weather proof and secure place for parcel delivery companies to securely leave packages. There are three different types of parcel drops. Curbside Parcel Drop Boxes, Wall Mounted Parcel Drop Boxes, or Through the Wall Parcel Drop Boxes. 

Curbside Parcel Drop Boxes are typically secured direct to the ground and can also be secured to a post depending on the size of the dropbox. The advantage to a curbside parcel drop box is the ability to locate it in a convenient location for both you, your delivery driver or your customers. Typically they are large due to the need to accept large parcels however smaller parcel drop boxes for envelopes and smaller packages are available. 

Keep in mind with parcel drop boxes the ability to deposit larger packages means a larger opening is needed. And with larger drop openings the ability to reach in and take items out is possible. A hopper door is highly recommended. This means when the drop door is opened it closes off the back of the drop door prohibiting someone from reaching in and taking packages out. 

Wall Mounted Parcel Drop Boxes have their limitations in that they typically cannot accept large packages due to the capacity needed to securely contain the package. There are a few models that can accept small parcels roughly the size of a telephone book. For example the Extra Large Wall Mounted Locking Dropbox has the capacity to hold several small parcels and yet not so large that it intrudes into the space where it is placed. 

Through The Wall Parcel Drop Boxes are typically the most secure option in that the parcels are kept secure on the interior of a building.  When small parcels are being deposited the need for a hopper style door is not necessarily needed however for larger packages it is a must. For less secure requirements a pass through can be used. This is basically a large opening with a door that allows items to be dropped through a wall. 

The most important aspect is purchasing a parcel drop that suites your needs not only for the immediate time but looking into the future so the drop box will last and work far into the future.