Envelope Drop Safe

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This is a "B" rated drop safe with envelope drop slot and electronic keypad lock. This safe has a solid steel construction and fully welded body construction(.100" thick). The Securam electronic digital lock allows your to quickly and easily program your own personal 6 digit code to access your items dropped into the safe. 

The envelope drop safe has 1/4" thick carburized hard-plate to resist drilling and spring loaded active re-locker door which is constructed from anti-pry 1/2" thk. solid steel plate. The drop opening is 7" wide and 1/2" high and includes a anti-fishing baffle which helps prevent someone from phishing envelopes out of the safe. The door is kept secure with 3 chrome plated heavy duty locking 1" bolts. The access door has a heavy-duty vault hinge which keeps the door secure until you access it with your personal code.

There are 4 pre-drilled mounting holes on bottom of safe which have a 1/2" diameter. Bolting hardware is included (for concrete floor anchoring). Finally the drop safe is coated with a high quality powder coat finish.

Envelope Drop Safe Specifications:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 14” (W) x 14” (H) x 14” (D)
  • Interior Dimensions: 13-3/4” (W) x 12” (H) x 11" (D)
  • Drop Slot Opening: 7” (W) x 1/2” (H)
  • Door Opening: 10” (W) x 9” (H)
  • Door Thickness: 2-1/2" (1/2” solid steel plate)
  • Cubic Feet: 1.05
  • Weight: 63 Lbs.

Envelope Drop Box Details:

  • Uses One 9 volt battery
  • Low battery alert
  • Automatic Re-lock 
  • Access code must consist of 6 digits
  • Entry of 4 consecutive invalid codes results in a 5-minute penalty time period