Jumbo Locking Mailbox with Hopper Door

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Our Locking Mailbox with Hopper Door has a delivery door much like the one at your local post office drop box. When the delivery door is open to drop the mail in, the back closes off to stop any one from reaching down to steal your mail. Then when the door closes it safely drops into the secure holding area. It is then safely kept until your open the locked compartment with the key.  The locking drop box with hopper door now features an additional anti-fishing device to increase the security and make it more difficult to phish items back out of the mailbox drop hopper.
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The Hopper Door will easily accommodate a package 11" W x 7” D x 3.5”H. This includes small parcels, magazines, prescription drugs, boxes of checks, etc. A new "anti-fish" feature has been added to the end of the hopper door to keep would be thieves from fishing out your mail. Also, this security mailbox is designed with weather and dirt protection in mind. This secure mailbox is manufactured to be weather resistant and can be used as package mailbox as well as a commercial mailbox or drop box. These mailboxes are made to order and production typically takes 12 to 14 business days. 
See the lock option descriptions and explanations toward the bottom of this page.
If you're looking for a front or rear opening column mailbox insert, this mailbox can easily be built into a brick or rock column.
Not large enough, see our Supreme Locking Mailbox!
Locking Mailbox with Hopper Door Features:
  • Rotating Hopper Door (for dropping mail in)
  • Overall mailbox size is 12.5” W x 24” H x 22" D (including overhang)
  • Made of strong 14 and 16 gauge steel
  • Incoming Mail Opening is: 3-½”H x 10-¾”W
  • Outgoing Mail Tray is: 3"H x 10"W x 6"D
  • Retrieval door is: 11 ¾" W x 7 ½" H
  • Secure storage area holds 2 weeks of mail
  • Dual “anti-fish” features located at end of the hopper door and internally within the mailbox
  • Accepts large envelopes and small packages
  • Stainless steel red flag
  • Hinges and Rivets are Stainless Steel
  • Includes a 5-pin cam lock with 2 keys
  • Add our optional Claw feature for additional door security
  • weight is aprox. 50 lbs
  • Durable Powder coated finish comes in Tan, Bronze, White, Grey, and Black
  • Made in the USA!

Post options below. Options At Top of Screen: There are several options shown below the price at the top of this page. The first one is the color you choose. The second option chooses whether you want to retrieve your mail from the front or rear. If you live on a busy street you may want to access your mail by opening the mailbox from the rear. This lockable mailbox works great as a residential locking mailbox or commercial drop box.

There are five lock level options for this mailbox:

  • Level 1: Standard lock with a durable 5 pin lock and a thick 7 gauge stainless steel hook cam latch.  
  • Level 2: Medeco deadbolt & 10 gauge steel door
  • Level 3: Claw, 5 pin lock, 10 gauge cam lock latch and a 10 gauge steel door.
  • Level 4: Medeco deadbolt with claw and 10 gauge steel door.
  • Level 5: Combination lock, with 3 digit tumbler digits.  

New - We now offer a three digit combination lock as the fourth lock option shown above. This is a simple yet secure 3 digit tumbler style combination lock. Simply turn the combination to your chosen combination and turn the dial to open the lock. The Super Letter Locker Mailbox is proudly made in the USA. Please note: This lockable mailbox works great as a night drop box, parcel drop box or as a rural mail box. Locked mailboxes are a proactive way to protect your mail from theft. For Additional door security to stop anyone from prying off your door, choose the optional Claw Latch 5 Point Lock. This option allows the door to be locked in more then just the point where the lock latches with the door. Instead of one latch there are 5, making the locking mailbox door even more secure.

Due to the level of customization we offer, some products are not assembled until the item is purchased. If this is the case your order will ship within 12 to 15 business days. We appreciate your patience while we customize your order.