Replacement for Secure Mail Vault Locking Mailbox with Optional Combination Lock

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This is the replacement locking mailbox for the Secure Logic Mail Vault item # 20322.

After searching we found a great replacement for the Mail Vault Secure Logic Locking Mailbox. Made in the USA this locking mailbox has both the security needed to fill the shoes of the Mail Vault and combination keypad which made the Secure Mail Vault so popular.  Making it even better than the Secure Mail Vault was another goal and it was done with two aspect. First, we give you the option to having a key lock, or picking the option with the combination lock.  Second, the mail slot is no longer just a simple drop slot. It has been upgraded with a hopper style drop door. This means when the drop door is opened it closes off the throat of the drop slot and makes it very difficult to phish items out. 

The dimensions are 15" high x 10-5/8" wide x 21" deep, which means your mailbox will easily hold a week or two of mail. The incoming mail hopper door is 3 1/2" high by 10" wide  by 9" deep.

Not the mailbox with a combination lock you're looking for? Check out the smaller version with an option of key or combination lock.

The push button lock requires no batteries.  It works in direct weather, both heat, cold or rain. The key lock option works equally well in all weather conditions and includes 3 keys. 

The incoming mail slot works like a hopper door much like you may have used when dropping mail at your local US Post Office. The mail slot drop opening is 3.5" high by 10” wide and easily accepts envelopes, magazines, small packages, or a box of personal checks.  There is not an outgoing mail shelf, so it accepts larger items. The option for the flag kit will add a outgoing mail flag as well as a clip for out going mail. The clip will be located on the inside of the drop hopper door. When the postal carrier sees the flag is up and mail has been clipped on the inside of the drop door it can be taken by the postal carrier. Made in the USA. USPS Approved. 

Locking Mailbox Features:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Optional all weather Push Button Lock or key lock option (includes 3 keys)
  • Durable powder coat color options: Black, Green, Grey, Red, Tan and White
  • Material: galvanized steel
  • Top & Sides 18 gauge; Bottom 16 gauge; Door 12 gauge
  • Dust-proof, shuttered lock prevents corrosion of lock cylinder
  • Belgium Euro lock option includes 3 keys
  • Post options: in ground, surface mount or wood post bracket
  • Optional posts include mounting hardware
  • Optional outing mail flag and clip

 Locking Mailbox Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 15" H x 10 - 5/8" W (with flag) x 21" D
  • Material: Galvanized steel: Top & sides 18 gauge; Bottom pan 16 gauge; Door  12 gauge
  • Drop slot opening: 3 1/2" high by 10" wide  by 9" deep
  • Combination lock options does not need electricity or batteries
  • USPS Approved
  • Mailbox weight: 28 lbs

Option Post Specifications:

  • Both in ground and surface posts are 4" x 4" extruded 1/8' wall aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Surface mounted post is 30" long
  • In-ground post is 48" long

Below the price you will see several options: Mailbox color, lock option and post option. The in ground mailbox post means you will need to dig a small hole to insert the post to keep it from falling over. A bag of cement will secure the post in the ground. The in ground mailbox post has a flat plate welded only on the top and the mailbox is secured to it with the included bolts. A surface mounted post means you have an existing cement pad or sidewalk and plan to secure the post and mailbox to the existing surface. The surface mounted post has a flat plate welded to both ends, one end is secured to the cement (bolts NOT included). The other end is where you will secure the mailbox with the included mounting bolts. 



Please note the Secure Logic by ETL has been discontinued and is no longer in production and is has been replace by the Locking Mailbox described above.  


Here is the description and specifications of the Secure Mail Vault by ETL. 

Keyless Locking Mailbox. The Secure Mail Vault locking mailbox has been updated and replaced with a more modern mailbox. The new model has a hopper style door which closed off the back when opened to accept the incoming mail. This is much like the drop door at your local post office. We call it a hopper door. When opened the back closes off which makes it difficult to phish out your mail or reach in and take items out. Another updated feature is the mechanical push button lock.  Our lockable mailbox also works great as a drop box or payment box.

Push, button lock takes no batteries and withstand harsh climates. You can quickly and securely retrieve your mail with the touch of the finger. 

Use your own personal code and the secure mailbox storage compartment easily opens. This locking mailbox provides great residential security and is designed to eliminate the problem of identity theft through stolen mail. This locking mail box has one of the largest drop chutes in its class, and has plenty of room for large envelopes and magazines. It is perfect for business or vacation, since a week's worth of average mail can be stored safely. The Secure Mail Vault combines imaginative design and durable function to bring you optimal mail security. USPS Approved. Power source: AA batteries. Emergency key in case code is forgotten or lost and back up battery pack to open.

Secure Mail Vault Features & Specifications:

  • Touch Pad Entry System
  • Digit personal security code can be easily programmed for quick keyless access to mail inside
  • Interior door sets back 2 inches and is secured by heavy duty deadbolts
  • Seamless Construction
  • Powder coated inside and out insuring maximum protection and "like new" finish for many years
  • Dual door system brings maximum protection
  • Outer door is utilized by the postman for out-bound mail pick-up, closes solidly with a rare earth magnet
  • No exposed nuts, bolts, screws or fasteners - appears as one piece seamless construction from top to bottom
  • Imaginative Design and Durable Function
  • Unique style provides a handsome first impression to any home
  • Constructed of 14-gauge steel for maximum strength and durability.
  • Available in white, black or tan
  • Overall: 12 3/8"W x 18"H x 21"D.
  • Outer Door: 10 3/4" x 7 5/8"
  • Mail Slot: 10 1/2"W x 1 3/4"H.
  • Mail Compartment: 10 3/4"W x 8 1/4"H x 18"D. (Holds weeks of mail)
  • Keypad: 4 1/4" x 3 7/8"
  • Weight: approx 54 lbs.
  • USPS Approved.

Not the mailbox you're looking for? Check out the Decorative Locking Mailbox or the Mailboss Locking Mailbox.

The powder coated galvanized steel body is rust resistant and made to last. It installs easily onto a powder coated two piece steel post using the hardware provided. The outer door is utilized by the postman for out-bound mail pick-up. The Mail Vault's unique style adds curb appeal to any home landscape. This locking residential mailbox is currently available in white, black or tan. This is a High Security Mailbox! This post mount mailbox is a proactive way to protect your identity and mail from being stolen.


(1) Secure Mail Vault
(1) 46" Post
(1) Flange
(4) Mounting Bolts
(1) Set Screw 5/16"
(1) Emergency Battery Supply
(1) Positioning Ruler
(1) Adhesive Bubble Level
(3) Alien Wrench
(2) Keys
(1) Post Reinforcement Bar 8"
(1) Cap Head Bolt 4"

What our customers are saying:

"We received our mailbox and I just want to let you know how much we are truly impressed with the security of the box.
It is being installed in the next couple of days and it is really user-friendly."

Thank you,
Vera C. Fort Myers, FL.

"Just wanted to let you know I really love the locking mailbox I bought from you. It was
super easy to install and is very user friendly.

Thanks Again, Chris D."

"Thank you,
We couldn't believe how fast it got here. Seems whoever designed the mail box thought it all out well. Installed easily with all the tools and instructions provided.

Many of our neighbors liked it also. Not promising anything, but you may get a few orders.

Thank you again.

Tim B. OR.

"My wife and I ordered one of your boxes last summer, and so did the Bradbury’s across the street. Since then our street has had two mail thefts. One, was another neighbor that turned out bad, they tapped his accounts. Two houses on the street didn’t get touched, ours and the Bradbury’s.

Randy L. CA."