Through The Door Drop Slot with Receptacle

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This drop slot includes a box (receptacle) to catch incoming items being drop or delivered. The maximum size that will fit though the slot can be no thicker than 1-1/8" thick. This drop slot box will easily accept cash, keys, car remotes, and similar bulky items. This dropbox for door works great as payment mail slot where you need the receptacle to lock and safely store the items until retrieved. This drop box is not designed to be in direct weather and is not water tight. Choose from two lock options, a barrel key lock or a electronic keypad lock

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Our locking payment drop box is perfect for small items to be securely dropped through a door. Please note, this drop box is NOT for larger envelopes, manila envelopes, magazines, or even a number 10 envelope. This payment drop box works for small envelopes, standard checks, cash and similar sized items. Type 6 1/4 or type 6 3/4 work well for this drop box. This heavy duty drop box easily mounts to a standard door and includes the mounting hardware for installation. Our door drop slot with receptacle is designed to be mounted on a door from the inside with the drop door showing through the outside. Both an interior and exterior cover plate is included, screws not provided for cover plates.

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Through the Door Drop Box Features:

  • Piano style hinge (on receptacle door)
  • Drop door large enough to drop keys
  • Metal baffle to protect drop opening from fishing
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes in back for door mounting
  • Mounting hardware included (for wood doors)
  • Will work on steel doors (hardware not included for steel doors)
  • Reinforced double steel door to protect against prying
  • The perfect way to lock and secure cash, keys, mail, car remotes, small envelopes and more
  • Use as a mail collection box for all out-going office mail
  • Requires cutting a rectangular cutout in the door
  • Includes a removable and adjustable metal frame to hide the rough cuts
  • Two tubular keys included (optional electronic lock available)
  • Maximum thickness of item to drop is 1-1/8" thick
  • Optional Electronic lock uses 3 AA batteries
  • Easy to program - Choose 1-9 digit code
  • Electronic lock will automatically lock when door is shut
  • External Battery override contacts lets you power the lock from the outside if the batteries die

Drop Box Specifications:

  • Exterior Dimensions 10"W x 15"H x 4-1/4"D
  • Maximum door thickness 2 inches (no minimum)
  • Drop Door Size 7-3/8" x 1-3/8" (1-1/8" drop clearance)
  • Exterior Dimensions 10"W x 15"H x 4-1/4"D
  • Total height (top to bottom) including flange: 16" H
  • Retrieval Door Thickness 1/8"
  • Door Clearance 7-1/4" x 4-3/4"
  • Anchor Holes 4 in back
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Weight 15.5 lbs
  • 4 pre drilled anchor holes
  • Includes: drop box with lock and 2 keys, bolts, and interior and exterior flange cover plates

Our through door drop box is unique in that it allows mail to not only be dropped through your office or home door, but it is collected in the locked collection box on the other side.

What's in the box? Your order will include the through the door drop box with lock and 2 keys. 4 wood screw bolts to secure the drop box to the door. Two cover plates, one interior and one exterior.

What will you need? You will need a saw (jig saw or reciprocating), a drill, extra screws to secure the cover plates, a small level, a pencil, protective eye wear, and a screw driver. You may want to use some adhesive caulk to secure the cover plates.

How to install? Please note, a solid core wooden door or steel door is the best option for this application. You cannot install this drop box in a glass door.

  1. Determine where on your door you want the opening. Using the full cover plate as a template to make the size of hole you will need to cut, place the cover plate on the door using the level to make sure you are straight mark the door. Make sure you mark using the inside of the cover plate not the out side.
  2. Using the drill with a bit, drill in the inside corners of the marked area, this will allow the saw blade to have access to cut out the slot. Place the saw blade in the drill hole and slowly cut out the hole. Once the hole is cut, remove the wood or steel and insert the neck of the drop box.
  3. Place several items under the drop box, or have someone hold it in place while you secure the drop box to the door. Pre-drilled holes are accessed by opening the retrieval door.
  4. Place the cover plates over the drop box neck, both exterior and interior, secure with adhesive caulk or screws (not provided).

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