Through the Wall Drop Safe with hopper style drop door Dual Compartment

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THE LEAD TIME ON THIS ITEM is 8 weeks. If this is needed quickly please do not order.

This Through the Wall drop safe is designed with a hopper style door that allows envelopes, bank bags, and small items to easily be dropped into the secure safe without allowing someone to reach in and pull items out. When the hopper style door is opened it closes off the back keeping someone from reaching in or fishing items out.

Drop opening (hopper) is approx 12 wide by 6" high x 7" deep. When envelopes, bank bags or any other items wanted to be deposited are dropped into the safe, they can easily be retrieved using your personal code on the top safe. The bottom safe is for larger secure secure storage. 

The safe is actually two safes in one. The top safe is the deposit safe, and the bottom safe can be used as an extra safe that has a unique personal code that you set.  

 THE LEAD TIME ON THIS ITEM is 8 weeks. If this is needed quickly please do not order.

The neck of the drop slot allows the safe drop slot to be installed in a wall up to 6.5" thick. If the wall is thicker than 6.5 inches part of the safe will have to be installed recessed into the wall. This type of installation will allow the drop safe with hopper door to be installed in almost any wall. The safe has pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the safe which allows the safe to be easily bolted to the floor.  

Through the Wall Dual Drop Safe Features:

  • Solid steel construction, welded body construction (12 gauge thick steel)
  • Both safes have an electronic digital lock with keypad
  • Rear Loading anti-fishing hinged drop door
  • Four, pre-drilled mounting holes on bottom of safe.
  • Heavy-duty vault hinges (bottom safe)
  • Quality powder coating finish w/ 5 color option (black, white, almond, gray, red or bronze)
  • Hopper drop door drops items into the top compartment safe
  • Easy installation, will fit in between standard (16" on center) wall studs
  • Removable steel frame to cover rough cutout of drywall
  • Accepts standard business #9 envelopes and standard 6” x 11” bank bags (up to 2.5 inches thick).

Through the Wall Dual Drop Safe Specifications

  • Overall outside measurements: 37”h x 20”w x 26”d
  • Top safe exterior dimensions: 17”h x 14”w x 26”d
  • Bottom safe interior dimensions: 20”h x 20”w x 20”d
  • Drop Door Opening: 6”h x 12”w x 7”d
  • Safe Weight Approx: 140 Lbs.

Our through the wall drop depository safe is two safes in one unit. The top safe extends out over the top safe to go through a wall allowing for deposits to be securely made. The hopper door is 12” wide, 6” high and 7” deep allowing for standard business envelopes or standard money bags to be easily deposited into the top drop safe.  

The drop hooper door keeps someone from reaching in and pulling any items out. It is also equipped with anti-phishing baffle to keep items from being fished out. Maximum thickness for money bags or envelopes being dropped is 3.5 inches. 

The bottom safe allows for storage of money bags and is large enough for most cash drawers. The bottom safe has 3/8” pre-drilled mounting holes which allows you to bolt the safe to most any flat surface. 

The bottom safe is a B rated safe with a heavy gauge steel body construction and a 1/4” steel door. The main safe door is equipped with a digital electronic lock, and a the three way 3/4” independent bolt-work mechanism and bolt detent. This means when the code is entered you must manually turn the handle to engage or disengage the three 3/4” locking bolts. 

There is an option for a manual combination lock if needed and we can make this with a key lock.

The top depository safe includes a finishing flange to help hide the cut marks going through the wall.  The Through the wall portion of the top safe is long enough to go through a 6.5 inch wall. With a thicker wall we can make it larger or you can recess the bottom safe into the interior wall (additional cost to increase the size of the top safe)

THE LEAD TIME ON THIS ITEM is 8 weeks. If this is needed quickly please do not order.