Through the Wall High Security Key / Payment Drop Box

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The Through the Wall High Security Key / Payment Drop Box is a secure deposit system that installs right through your wall. It will hold Payment envelopes or service envelopes in a compartment in the drawer. Customers use the drawer as a writing surface, deposit their keys and envelope into the slot and close the drawer. Keys are securely held in a 3/16” plate steel vault inside your building. This system is an inexpensive way to ensure you get your customers’ payments. The secure receptacle ensures your cash or checks are still there when you open the next day.

Check out our Free Standing High Security Key / Payment Drop Box.

The body of the chute will work with wall thicknesses up to 13.5 inches and for walls greater than 13.5 inches the receptacle can be recessed into the wall. The overall depth of the entire unit including the receptacle is 22.5 inches. The face plate of the deposit area is 15.5 inches wide and 9 inches high. The receptacle is 13.25" wide by 15" high and 7.5" deep. For thicker walls recessing the receptacle may be necessary. 

The throat has anti phishing teeth which prevents items from being phished out. A high security puck lock keeps the receptacle secured and includes 2 keys. The puck lock means there is no shackle to be cut to gain access.

High Security Through the Wall Key / Payment Drop Box Specifications:

  • Made from 1/4” and 3/16” plate steel for superior strength
  • Dimensions: 15.5" wide x 22.5” deep x 15" high
  • Drop compartment will accommodate envelope 6” x 9” x 1.5”  
  • Drop compartment can be modified to accept 9” x 12” x 1.5” envelope upon request
  • Anti-phising device keeps items from being phished out
  • High security puck lock
  • Color: Gray (other colors available at additional cost)  
  • Made in the USA

This key drop is the perfect solution for Fleet Management receiving keys and payments. Distributing your fleet in high traffic congestion areas can be a nightmare. During peak hours, this process can drive up labor costs, extra fuel, and other expenses that eat away at your overall profitability. Instead of just accepting all of those needless additional costs, use the High Security Free Standing Drop for fleet distribution. Returning vehicle keys are stored in the depository waiting to be picked up. Your staff drops your vehicles and pick up return vehicles and paperwork in off peak, overnight or weekend hours without having to enter the branch office. The savings in labor and operational costs will exceed the investment within one year. Multiple unit discounts available, contact us direct for additional information.

*Puck Lock Benefits and Details:

  1. Hardened solid steel, chrome plated body. 
  2. Hardened stainless steel inserts inside the cylinder provide the ultimate defense against drilling and other forms of physical attack. 
  3. Unique elevating and rotating tumbler pin system is virtually pick proof.
  4. The cylinders are constructed of durable machined brass components, designed to last the life of your equipment. 
  5. 5 pin, key-in-knob (10 series) cylinder
  6. Hockey Puck style padlocks are completely serviceable, and can be re-keyed in case of lost or stolen keys. 
  7. Hockey Puck style padlocks can be keyed in with other 10 series products. 
  8. Locks can be keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed depending on your specific needs.
  9. Shackle-less design for the highest level of protection against bolt cutter attacks.