Vertical Through the Wall Mail Drop Slot

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 Our vertical through the wall mail drop slot is perfect for areas where space is limited or for the unique style of having a mail slot which is not horizontal. The two piece design allows for the exterior faceplate with push in drop door to be installed from the exterior side and the interior chute extension to be inserted from the interior side. This allows installation to be done on existing wall and adjusted to the wall thickness. The two pieces are then secured together with screws on the inside of the chute. 

Vertical Mail Drop Slot Specifications:

  • Faceplate 6"w x 14"h
  • Drop opening 2-5/8” w x 10-5/8”h
  • Chute is approx 3-5/8" x 12" (longer for thicker walls)
  • 12 gauge steel faceplate and door
  • 18 gauge steel chute
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes (in chute)
  • Made in the USA

Fits a wall up to 8 inches thick with options for thicker walls. The new design has two pieces. The exterior face plate with the hinged door and chute, and the adjustable interior piece which allows you to adjust the chute length from 5 to 8 inches.

The drop down choices allow you to select the powder coating color and then select the wall thickness. Typically the chute will extend into the room a minimum of 1/2 to 1.5 inches. In order for the anti phishing teeth to be most effective we suggest having them stick out roughly 3/4" to 1.25". 

There is also a option for a rain guard. If you have an eave or overhang that protects the area from rain the rain guard would not be needed. However if your mail slot will be in direct weather then the rain guard will help prevent rain from flowing down the wall and entering into the chute. 

Durable powder coated finish with 6 color options: Black, white, bronze, almond, gray or red. 

Pre-drilled mounting holes in the chute. 

Optional Rain guard for direct weather application. Made in the USA.

The current lead time is approximately 8 to 12 business days for the 5 to 8 inch option due to material shortages and the fact we are making these to order. If you select larger size from 9 to 13 inches these are custom made and will take 5 to 6 weeks. 

**Due to the nature of human error we strongly suggest not making any cuts in walls or doors until the unit has arrived so proper measuring and installation can be made before cutting has been done.