Large Chute Locking Through the Wall Drop Box

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With a large adjustable chute for walls up to 18 inches thick (select the wall thickness option) this locking drop box allows envelopes as wide as 9-7/8" inches and as thick as 2 inches. The actual chute is 2.5 inches x 10 inches however the cover plate will have an opening as chosen in the option above. Even with the anti-fishing baffle at the bottom of the chute the risk of fishing is increased with a larger opening. Looking for a custom made drop slot or mail slot chute? Call or email us for a custom quote for your drop box needs.  

Looking for a smaller through the wall drop box? Check out our through the wall locking Drop Box or the Through The Door Drop Slot with Receptacle.

We encourage you do pick the smallest opening for your situation. For example if the thickest envelope being dropped in is only 3/4 of an inch thick, pick the cover plate that is 1 inch. If envelope is 1/8 inch thick then pick the 3/8 inch high opening.

The thick 12 gauge galvanized steel receptacle is 12" wide by 12" deep and 25" high. The locking receptacle has a 3/8 inch reinforced door with a dual custody locks. This extra security feature means both keys must be present to unlock the door. We can disable one of the locks if dual security is not needed. There is also an optional high security Medeco lock choice for a higher level of security. 

Pre-drilled bottom mounting holes allow this locking drop box to be securely mounted to any hard surface. Mounting bolts are not included but can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Large Chute Through the Wall Drop Box Specifications:

  • Drop box dimensions: 12" w x 12" l x 25" h
  • Heavy 12 gauge steel construction
  • Chute is designed as part of the safe and cannot be removed
  • Chute inside dimensions are: 2 1/2” x 10” at opening; 2" x 9-7/8" chute capacity
  • Chute opening for easy insertion of cash, checks, or keys without opening
  • Anti-fish baffle deters removal of contents
  • Pre-drilled anchor bolt holes permits bolting and mounting to any structurally sound surface
  • Equipped with dual custody safe deposit lock with two (2) operator keys and one (1) guard key
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish (Black, White, Almond, Gray, Bronze, or Red)
  • Made in the USA!
  • Approx weight 90 lbs.

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