Outdoor Secure Payment Locking Drop Box

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The standard sized option is NOT for #9 envelopes. The standard sized option drop box will only accept small items such as #7 envelopes which are: 3-3/4 x 6-3/4. It will also accept, personal sized checks, keys, etc. For business sized envelopes please select the large size option. The extra large size works best if you expect not only larger envelopes but need more capacity. 

We have recently made one change to this drop box. The rain guard is now higher to allow more clearance when opening. This is shown in the photo of the black unit on a post. This drop box works great as a donation drop box or as a key dropbox.

With an anti-fishing baffle our secure payment locking drop box is perfect as a cash, checks, or other small envelopes drop box. What keeps this drop box secure is the very small drop opening with a hopper style drop door. When the door is opened it closes off the back and when closed it drops the deposit into the secure box. A set of keys, a check or cash can easily be dropped into the secure compartment. However larger envelopes, such as a business envelope will not drop into this drop box. This locking drop box will easily accommodate your small deposits into the secure locked drop compartment. Not including the rain cover the standard size payment drop box is 8" wide by 8" deep by 11.5" high. The large version is 10" wide by 8" deep by 13" high. 

Watch the product video, by clicking on the tab above. 

The body of the drop box is made of thick 12 gauge galvanized steel. The durable powder coated finish comes in Red, Black or Almond finish option. It includes four pre-drilled hole on the bottom of the box for post or desk top mounting (post options shown above). If you would like to mount this locking drop box to a wall, optional rear holes can be selected or to mount to a round fence post (using U-clamp bolts not included) or to a wall with anchor bolts, simply select the option with the drop down option.

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Keep in mind large items will not fit in this drop box, such as manila envelopes or other larger envelopes. Items such as cash, checks, keys, a wallet, or type 6 sized envelope can easily be deposited. Designed for outdoor use the rain guard overhang keeps rain from coming in the drop door where cash, checks, or keys are deposited.

This payment drop box includes two lock options. A standard security cam lock or a high quality Medeco lock with two keys. Proudly made to order in the USA and typically takes 8 to 10 business days to be made before shipping.

Locking Cash Payment Drop Box Specifications:   

  • Drop Box Height Top to Bottom: 11.5" (large version is 13") (extra large is 18" plus 4 inch rain cover)
  • Drop Box Width Side to Side: 8 Inches" (large version is 10") (extra larger is 12")
  • Drop Box Depth Front to Back: 8 Inches" (same as large version) (extra large is 12" deep)
  • Drop opening will accommodate approx. 7" W x 1" H x 4" D (larger version 9.5" W x 1.5" H x 6" D) (extra large 11.5” W x 1.5” H x 8" D)
  • 12 gauge steel heavy duty body
  • Drop Box weight: approx 15 lbs (standard size) 
  • Lock: Standard cam lock or optional Medeco lock and includes 2 keys
  • 4 pre-drilled hole on bottom for post or desk top mounting
  • Optional rear holes can be ordered for mounting to a wall or U-clamp bolts to mount to a round fence post or to a wall with anchor bolts
  • Post options: in ground or surface mounted 34"

3 size options:

  1. Standard: 8" wide X 8" deep X 11.5" high (not including the rain guard)
  2. Large: 10.5" wide X 8" deep X 13" high (rain guard adds 2.5 inches in height)
  3. Extra Large: 12" wide X 12" deep X 18" high (rain guard adds 4 inches to the height)

Locking Payment Drop Box Features:

  • Theft prevention with anti baffle helps prevent fishing
  • Easy pull down door for easy deposit
  • Designed for indoor or out door with a weather guard
  • High security lock to resist picking and drill attacks
  • Designed as an exterior Drop Box for cash, check, receipts, keys, fobs and remotes
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Does not include mounting hardware
  • Rain guard over hang helps protect from rain
  • Proudly Made in USA
  • Made to order, ships in 8 to 10 business days

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This is the type of drop box often seen at camp grounds or other areas where fees or donations are accepted. It's suited to be in direct weather and 12 gauge steel with durable powder coated steel holds up to both physical abuse and harsh weather conditions. Due to the level of customization we offer on Locking Dropboxes, your order will ship within 8-10 business days. We appreciate your patience while we build or customize your order.