Stainless Steel Through The Wall Night Payment Depository Drop

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Introducing the innovative new Stainless Steel Through The Wall Night Payment Deposit Drop, the convenient and secure way to transfer items between interior and exterior spaces. This discreet drop slot blends seamlessly into most any wall, enabling the secure pass-through of mail, packages, keys, documents, and more. Maximum wall thickness is 12.875 inches. Made in the USA. 

Installed easily with basic tools, the slot's exterior opening allows for contactless drop off by delivery drivers, neighbors, and others. Items pass through the secure drop opening from the exterior and drop into your home or office. Place a cart, basket or bin to receive the items dropped through the drop opening. The chute housing extends 13 inches from the faceplate and will cover the wall rough cuts when installed. 

With sturdy stainless steel construction, weatherproofing, and a flush mount design, the Through The Wall Night Depository maintains the integrity of the wall while letting you bypass trips to the door. Keep deliveries safe from weather and theft while enabling convenient pass-through, with the Secure Night Deposit Drop.

The Through-Wall Drop enables easy, secure pass-through between indoor and outdoor spaces. With sustainable aluminum construction that won't rust or corrode, this pre-assembled unit is designed to fit between standard 16” studs for simplified installation. Just cut a hole and mount the Dropbox into the wall like an AC unit. A locking cabinet and anti-phishing features deter theft, while a recessed flap and drainage system resist weather incursion. 

This Payment Night Drop is ADA compliant when properly installed, and allows one-handed deposits without pulling down a door.  The custom vinyl wording option help identify your Through-Wall Dropbox. With convenient pass-through and durable, secure construction, the Stainless steel Through Wall Drop is the innovative solution for your delivery needs. Maximum wall thickness is 12.875 inches.

Through Wall Drop Specification And Dimensions:

  • Overall Dimensions: 18.08” W x 12.23” H x 13.8” D 
  • Drop Opening: 13” W x 2.7” H
  • Chute extends 13" but fits a Maximum wall thickness: 12.875"
  • Rust Free Aircraft grade corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • AirBloc is constructed from neoprene rubber
  • Made in the USA
  • ADA compliant when properly installed
  • 1/4” flange trim on the top, bottom and sides of opening

The depository door of the Through-Wall Drop is engineered for security and weather resistance. A gravity and weight balanced design keeps the door closed, preventing rain or snow entry and remaining shut in most wind conditions. The optional AirBloc system further eliminates drafts by stabilizing outside air temperature before it enters the building. Anti-phishing features like an angled deposit slot and deep retrieval distance prevent unwanted removal of items. Extensive testing ensures deposited materials remain secure.

A slide lock blocks the flap door, allowing users to restrict deposits as needed. With weatherproofing, anti-theft measures, and customization options, the ValuStar Through-Wall Dropbox is the secure, customizable solution for your delivery needs.

Our Thru-Wall Drop is pre-assembled, one-piece unit so it is easy to install. The Thru-Wall Depository Drop is designed to fit in between standard 16 on center studs for quick and easy installation. The internal slide is a separate piece that must be hooked into place once the depository is installed. This allows the unit to be installed with appropriate hardware that would be normally blocked by the slide.

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