Through the Door Mail Slot with Receptacle

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This through the door drop slot with receptacle allows you to securely drop standard sized business envelopes, payments, and letter sized sheets of paper without having to fold them. The drop opening is 9" wide by 7/16" high.

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This drop box is specifically designed to work on standard sized 1 3/4 inch thick doors. You will need to cut a hole in the door 10.5 inches wide by 7 3/8" high. The anti-fishing saw toothed baffle helps prevent items from being fished out with a string or hanger.  The receptacle is 6 inches from front to back, and this does not count the chute which goes through the door. 

Through the Door Drop Slot with Locking Receptacle Features:

  • Tubular style pick-resistant key lock and 2 keys (vending machine style keys)
  • Full Piano hinge on retrieval door
  • Strong Reinforced retrieval door
  • 9” wide x 7/16" drop slot opening
  • Steel saw-toothed baffle to help in preventing fhishing
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes in the back
  • Includes mounting hardware for concrete and wood
  • Indoor use only (not for direct weather)

Locking Through the Door Drop Slot with Receptacle Specifications:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 10"W x 15"H x 9-3/8"D (receptacle is 6 inches deep)
  • Retrieval Door Thickness: 1/8"
  • Retrieval Door Open: 8-1/4" x 6-3/4"
  • Drop Slot Door Opening: 9" x 7/16" Drop Slot
  • Door Hole Size for Slot: 10-1/2" W x 7-3/8” H
  • Keys Included: 2
  • Mounting Hardware: Included (for concrete and wood)
  • Weight: Approx 18.5 lbs

Locking for a Through the Door drop box for smaller items such as keys, cash or personal checks sized items?  Check out the Through the Door Drop Box!

How to install? Please note, a solid core wooden door or steel door is the best option for this application. You cannot install this drop box in a glass door.

  1. Determine where on your door you want the opening. Using the full cover plate as a template to make the size of hole you will need to cut, place the cover plate on the door using the level to make sure you are straight mark the door. Make sure you mark using the inside of the cover plate not the out side.
  2. Using the drill with a bit, drill in the inside corners of the marked area, this will allow the saw blade to have access to cut out the slot. Place the saw blade in the drill hole and slowly cut out the hole. Once the hole is cut, remove the wood or steel and insert the neck of the drop box.
  3. Place several items under the drop box, or have someone hold it in place while you secure the drop box to the door. Pre-drilled holes are accessed by opening the retrieval door.
  4. Place the cover plates over the drop box neck, both exterior and interior, secure with adhesive caulk or screws (not provided).

Any questions, please contact us: or 817-602-8372