Through Wall Mail Slot Chute with Rain Guard

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This mail slot includes a rain guard and designed for direct weather application.  A extension chute and interior flange is optional along with the larger size. 

The extension chute is only needed if your wall is thicker than 5.5 inches and with the extension the maximum wall thickness is 12 inches. For thicker walls contact us directly for a quote on a longer chute extension.

There are two size options available. The standard and large size. The standard size opening is 10-5/8" wide by 2-5/8" high and the large size is 13.75" W x 5.5” H. Please note, the large size is fairly big so be cautious where it is installed, it is big enough to stick your arm through. The standard size is not. Details below. 

If you need a secure way to catch the incoming mail the optional locking receptacle allows the mail to drop into a secure steel dropbox. The key lock can be quickly opened to allow access to your mail, rent checks or small packages. Please note the receptacle is not compatible with the large size mail chute. 

Select the optional interior flange which hides cut marks on the interior side of the wall, if selecting the optional receptacle the interior flange is not needed. Alternatively you can use wood molding to hid the cut marks.

Please note this item is made to order and typically takes 14 to 18 business days due to high demand and current work restrictions - Made in the USA.  

Letter Drop Slot Features:

  • Allows easy insertion of standard-sized letter envelopes and small packages
  • Constructed of heavy duty steel
  • Includes rain guard
  • Optional adjustable chute extension for up to 12" thick wall
  • Optional locking receptacle with key lock
  • Optional interior flange is used to hide cut marks on the interior
  • Anti-Phishing teeth helps prevent mail theft
  • Comes in 6 color options: Black, White, Bronze, Gray, Almond or Red
  • Powder coated finish
  • Made in the USA

Letter Drop Slot Specifications:

  • Drop opening: 10-5/8" wide by 2-5/8" high (large size is 13.75" W x 5.5” H)
  • Rough opening 12" wide and 4.5" high (rough opening for large is 15" W x 7.75" H)
  • Cover plate face is 14" wide X 6" H  (large cover plate is 18” W x 10” H)
  • Chute size is 11.5" wide X 4" high (large 14.5" W x 7.25" H)
  • Angle of chute is 26 degrees 
  • Face plate is 11 gauge steel
  • Door is 12 gauge steel & a spring loaded hinge
  • Chute is 18 gauge steel

The optional chute extension slides over the fixed chute. For installation simply pre-drill holes into the side of the chute and secure to studs or masonry to desired length. You can apply a bead of adhesive caulking to the back of the cover plate to help secure and seal it into place. 

This letter drop slot allows easy insertion of all standard-size envelopes, magazines, and small parcels. The letter drop opening is approximately 10-5/8" wide by 2-5/8 high.